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Catherina has been writing and performing music for most of her life. At  age 7, she first sang onstage as a part of the Girtons Three, with her father John (an accomplished jazz guitarist) and her mother Linda (an a capella singer). At 13, she recorded and produced her first original album, “Soundtrack of Your Life”, which included vocals, guitar, and synthesizer.

She continued to perform music throughout her time in high school, writing several more original songs including “2-Faced”, “Just a Dream” and “Break Me Like Glass”. She performed at multiple school events, open mics, and parties.

After taking a hiatus from music in order to study chemistry at UC Santa Cruz, Catherina went on to self produce a second studio album, “Local Vocals and Bizarre Guitar”. This album features several different genres, with heavy pop-rock and 80’s influences. She has performed her original music at bars, restaurants, wineries, weddings, street fairs, and at the Big Surreal music festival and Burning Man festival.

Catherina just released her latest studio album, “In Another Life” in January 2018.